Saturday, April 2, 2016

Favorite Things

Spring Shore Cool

Easing into spring is never easy around this parts. 
On the one hand you have your blustery nor'easters, on the other hand you have the errant snowfall and occasional in-the-teens degree weather. And in-between, mud, mud, mud, mud. I'm trying to put on a brave front, but there are a few tricks up my sleeve for making that transition easier.

Not in any order, because well frankly, they all make my life a little easier, a little more cheerful, each in a small way.  But oh! do they ever count.

Landsend primaloft quilted jacket

Can't say enough about how this lightweight but warm jacket has saved me from the sometimes bitterly cold winds of March and April.

Bog Boot's Urban Farmer low clogs. 

The beauty of these little babies is that they are comfortable, easy to slip on and off, look good AND hold their own on slippery surfaces - not to mention little pup chews from Oliver. :)

Boneyard shawl pattern. 

I love the weight of this hand-knit shawl - it's knit in fingering weight or sock yarn, it's warm, lightweight and very cozy!

Sadhana Morning Hat

Another easy knit, quickly made, this time from bulky yarn - and no need for all wool, there's plenty of great acrylic and acrylic/wool blend yarns to choose from. This is my go-to hat for morning walks with Oliver, dreary/cool/rainy springtime errand runs and sometimes, I wear it indoors when I don't want to turn up the heat lol.

Long maxi sweaters.

The best ones from Free People - cozy, easy to wear with most anything, elegant casual and come in a variety of neutral colors - I have 3 so far… a light gray, a charcoal number and an oatmeal textured style for late spring wear. 

Ferryboat mitts! 

This pattern is genius - long cuff, short cuff, with thumbs or without. Knit in a worsted weight yarn for warmth and a quick knit. I plan to make more versions for fall, but just finished a pair in the Sea Salt colorway from MadelineTosh yarns.

Hand-knit socks. 

Period, end of sentence. 
If you don't knit, find someone who will knit a pair for you - the fit, comfort and feel of hand-knit socks is something you need to treat yourself to!

Camelbak water bottles. 

Ok, so technically not so winter-to-summer item, but it's one of the best items I own, hands down. The spout on this bottle helps you take in 20% more water each sip you take… what an easy way to get your 8 glasses a day?

Noepe Design Ferry Tote. 

From a local designer/maker, this tote is so versatile! Outside pocket? Check. Inside pocket? Check. Short tote handle to juggle boat ticket handling? Check. Long cross-body strap for easy walk-on-walk-off boat travel? Check! Plus, kick-a** prints in awesome fabric and colors!

HawkHouse Tibetan crystal drop earrings (local designer/maker) 

What's Good for your soul is good for your style :)

Last but not least.

An adventure journal. 

Credit my Canadian friend JuniperGrace for this one.
Introducing these amazing gems into my life and showing me how to create these wonderful bundles of goodness was a good thing.

I use these constantly - some I devote to knitting notes and projects I want to buy for, for off-island trips. Others I like to jot down favorite quotes, sights, impressions and find thumbnail photos for later to print out and keep as a quick journal of daily happenings. 

Sometimes, I do a favorite-teas-of-the-moment journal - sticking the wrapper in with what I liked best about it. Best of all, I use them to pre-plan travel trips with, then decorate with postcards, pics and tiny moments from my travels as a keepsake for later. 

Usually I grab kraft paper notebooks by Moleskine or other note companies to dress up with washi tape, scrapbook paper, scraps of fabric and tissue paper, stamps, stickers… anything really just to jazz it up and make it my own.

There you have it - my list of a few of favorite springtime things that make life bearable in the off-season.
What are a few of your favorite things?

'Til the ship's bell chimes,